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Would you support Nassau County imposing a five-cent fee on plastic and paper carryout bags?

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On January 1, 2018, a new Suffolk County law will go into effect, charging a five-cent fee for plastic and paper carryout bags, at a variety of retail stores. Those in support of the fee believe it will protect the environment. Those against view it as a tax that will hurt local businesses. Would you support Nassau County imposing a five-cent fee on plastic and paper carryout bags?

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Your Ideas for a Better, More Efficient Government

SafeTrade in Nassau County PD Stations

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1795 votes

Future buyers, future sellers on Long Island.
Wouldn't it be great if there were safe areas to conduct legitimate trades from Craigslist, Facebook and other apps like letgo. Imagine an open, brightly lit lobby with surveillance cameras and more police officers than you can count -- all watching you as you conduct your transaction. Let's add locations in Nassau County to the SafeTrade Stations national list!

Stop the Proliferation of Political Signs

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1986 votes

This suggestion was posted to the Facebook page:
Here is a suggestion which would improve quality of life in Nassau County:
I understand political signs are a form of free speech and therefore are protected by the 1st Amendment but i think there are a number of viable options to better deal with them:
1) both parties agree not to do them and they invest the money elsewhere in their campaigns

Sanitation Workers

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1350 votes

Raise the benefits for all sanitation workers. They work harder then any one in Nassau. They breath more toxic air in one day then the men at 911 did in six months. Look how much money those guys made.


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1337 votes

Take down all the red light cameras in Nassau, and take all the surcharges off all tickets. How many times do you have to pay for the same ticket.

helmet law

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1315 votes

motorcycle riders don't want a helmet law if you ride a motorcycle you have the right to choose . Live free or die.

Stop the robocalls!

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1538 votes

They are a disruptive public nuisance. Pass legislation for unsolicited robocalls to receive a dollar a call fine and they will soon cease to exist.

Local Election Dates

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1656 votes

Voter turnouts for local and specialized district elections (like park districts, library boards, school board and budget, water districts etc) are dismally low. All elections should take place on election day ( 1st Tues. in Nov.) to increase voter participation. This idea seems to have universal agreement.
I realize that this might not be so simple, but any legal hurdles that stand in the way, should be confronted. Thanks

Every level of government should live stream every meeting

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1745 votes

Transparency is good government

2017 Run for Hope 2017

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1710 votes

Hope For Youth is looking for runners, walkers, volunteers & fundraisers to join us for our Run For Hope 5K!

Come run or walk for a cause! Join Hope for Youth’s Run for Hope 5k annual fundraiser. On Saturday, May 6th at 9AM at Hecksher State Park we will be running/walking to benefit our mission of facilitating positive change in the lives of youth and families in Long Island. Registration by April 22nd includes a t-shirt, bib, prizes and awards!

Do you think Donald Trump will be an effective President?

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1717 votes

Lot of divisiveness since the inauguration. Will Trump get the job done?

Everyone, All Long Islanders, should sign up as Muslims if and when Trump institutes a Muslim registry

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1863 votes

Shameful xenophobic and bigoted parts of history do not need to repeat themselves!

Voter Primary Confusion

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1905 votes

I received the usual postcard describing my polling place, mentions primaries 9/13, 10/3 and general election 11/8. I an registered Republican but could not find anywhere on whether there is a republican contest for today's 9/13 primary. Took a call to BofE to learn "none". WHY DOESN'T NASSAU B of E WEBSITE LIST CANDIDATES AND BALLOTS TO BETTER INFORM PROSPECTIVE VOTERS?

Term Limits for all elected officials

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2053 votes

Suffolk County has a twelve year limit. All levels of government involving elected officials should have the same.

Add bike lanes to all County roads

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2014 votes

It would make Nassau a more livable place and cut down on traffic.


(889 votes)
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1985 votes

Response to Belmont Gambling, I think it's disgraceful to be contemplating another money sucker from foolish people who can barely afford to live. It's mostly those who are on freebie welfare, food stamps etc that patronize such places. There is one at Aqueduct and should be more than enough to suck money from the folks/poor folks in our area.


Alternate Dem/Republican Seating Positions in the County Legislature

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2001 votes

If you intermingle the party seating chart in the legislature you will foster greater communication. Hopefully it will lead to solutions that help better Nassau.

VOTE Tuesday November 3rd!

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1967 votes

Polls open in Nassau from 6am-9pm.

Do you want the NY State Attorney to heavily investigate political corruption in Nassau County?

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1977 votes

From a recent poll (see link below) 54% of LI'ers believe corruption is a "serious problem." Is it time for more serious investigation(s) by the state to investigate and remove politicians that are hurting the people and our economic welfare?

Transparency in County Contracts

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2089 votes

Nassau County should have a search engine for County Contracts on its website Residents should be able to search the database by a price range or by vendor for easy access to public information. AMH

Baldwin Downtown Revitalization

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2003 votes

I know that there was originally a plan to redevelop the area and make the blighted areas really nice but I don't know what happened. It would really be cool if Baldwin was redeveloped!

Feel free to research and comment!

Freeport Downtown Revitalization

Develop Nassau County Downtowns

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2042 votes

Everybody should look extensively through this website before choosing your side, especially the BUILD A BETTER BURB part of the site. There are MANY benefits to problems such as housing, transportation, jobs, commercial zones, and can be multi-purposeful. It would bring vibrancy into communities.

Some downtown projects at the proposal stage shown on the site are Westbury, Rockville Centre, Patchogue, and Ronkonkoma.
This is do-able for almost any community, Wyandanch is one of the communities which have done this and is under huge construction of Wyandanch Rising.

Growing Nassau (In Southern and Central)

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2070 votes

Should Southern and Central Nassau County become more like Queens? Should we have more big buildings, apartments and attract more young people to become a developed metropolitan area? Areas such as Garden City, Freeport, and Hempstead have a lot of potential and we can make Nassau County into a great place to affordably live an urban lifestyle.
Northern Nassau County incertain places are more suburban and should stay that way, except Central and Southern has AMAZING potential.
Please leave comments about your opinion or to modify my proposal.

Rapid Bus Transit system

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2032 votes

I am currently living in Albany, NY and they have a great bus system- the Capital District Transportation Authority. Besides their extensive bus system throughout Albany, Troy, Schenectady and Rensselaer, they have something call RBT- Rapid Bus Transit and I am very impressed with the service. It is supposed to be a cost effective way to provide a light-rail like service using buses. Long Island really needs this.

new LIRR stops

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2065 votes

Should the LIRR add 3 stops in Roosevelt, Uniondale, and East Garden City? The line would run from Freeport to Carle Place.
1.Less Traffic on Meadowbrook Parkway ( really bad ) and other streets( Front Street, Hempstead Tpke, Uniondale Ave, N Main St, Old Country Road)
2. Make these areas more commercial, create jobs, cut down on transportation time.

Main/Busy sidewalk Shoveling

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2216 votes

Although home and business owners are responsible for their property and their sidewalks, it should be the responsibility of the county to act in favor of commuters to shovel sidewalks where there are bus stops (main/busy streets). Property tax dollars should go towards maintenance of these side walks because it is very apparent property owners are ignoring these sidewalks, endangering the lives of commuters. I don't know but there definitely needs some enforcement of these side walks. Commuters walking on blocks of ice on the side walk or at least a foot into these high traffic streets.

Mandating Community Service

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2076 votes

I haven't done much research however, with all the massacre of cops and the growing trend of the population staying glued to the internet, whether it be on their mobile devices or stationary at home or office (due to ISP's supplying our demands with even better and competitive deals!), I believe now is the time to mandate that those unemployed (receiving benefits or not), those not attending school (secondary or university), those not busy enough to be an active participant in community service or any approved volunteering services.

Prohibit Posting Anonymously

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2113 votes

I think we should prohibit the voting using an anonymously profile and only allow those with login accounts as this is a very good forum and is being hijacked by some whose interests do not lie with the majority of honest taxpaying citizens.

LIRR Strike Info for Commuters

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2000 votes

LIRR Strike Information for Commuters (Much of this is from the MTA)

What’s Happening?
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and a coalition of unions representing approximately 5,000 LIRR employees have been unable to come an agreement on a new contract. If a strike occurs Long Island Railroad service will cease for the duration starting on July 20th.
Your Travel Alternatives
Shuttle Buses

Transgender legal protections

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(1094 votes)
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2062 votes

I believe that an addition to our human rights legislation adding gender identity and expression is necessary to protect our transgender community from abuses in employment, housing and public accommodations. While they have those protections in New York City, Westchester County , and Suffolk County, Nassau County law still allows discrimination.


(1006 votes)
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2111 votes

I've had enough living in Nassau County. Look around the country and see the progressive neighborhoods all across this country, and you'll see that Nassau County is a disgrace. That's why on Thursday, I'm packing up and heading west.

Public transport

(944 votes)
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(1174 votes)
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2118 votes

I've suggested this before, and I'll suggest it again.

We live on a 110 mile 'long' island and we currently only have the LIRR with main railroad lines going east-west bound, with focus on Manhattan. There are a lot of people in between, some of the most densely populated areas in NY and the US for that matter.

Higher Education in State Prisons

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(1231 votes)
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2245 votes

"Today in Albany, we announced a new statewide initiative to provide college education at 10 New York prisons. Giving men and women in prison the chance to earn a college degree costs our state less and benefits our society more." Copy and paste the following article then lets have a discourse.


Create user friendly Smart Phone Apps for local government

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2213 votes

Nassau County, town, city and village government should create an app hub similar to the one used in Gilbert, Arizona (I learned of this idea from Michael Miller's weekly Anton Newspaper column). This app would be great for transparency and getting residents more involved in local government. AMH

Civil servant salaries

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2104 votes

Is anyone else flabbergasted by what Newsday reported about civil service salaries that are in the stratosphere? Really, a police lieutenant earning $600K? Are there no spending controls in Nassau County? Is anyone watching the store? Is this a free for all? Is it no wonder the cost of living here is through the roof and our children have to move away because a parks dept. worker makes $300K, has job security, a pension and health for life? These people make 6 or 8 times the salary and benefits then the average tax payer! This is totally outrageous! Look it up and get angry!!!


(925 votes)
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2094 votes

DA office needs to investigate Finances and hiring practices of Villages.

Should Town of Hempstead Board Appoint the Town Clerk Candidate to the Town Clerk Position?

(911 votes)
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(1117 votes)
Vote down!
2028 votes

What do you think?

The Town of Hempstead is bypassing the democratic process (again) by appointing the Republican Town Clerk Candidate, Nasrin Ahmad, to the Town Clerk's position just 2 months before the election.

Democratic Debates

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(1100 votes)
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2042 votes

Debates should be mandatory before primaries.

Create a 311 system for Nassau County similar to the one in the Town of North Hempstead

(946 votes)
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(1087 votes)
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2033 votes

The 311 Town of North Hempstead Call Center serves as a link between town residents and the services and events the Town provides. Piggybacking on the Town of North Hempstead's 311 success after their 1 millionth call makes sense.

Vienna style public transport

(843 votes)
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1876 votes

Vienna, Austria has these high tech trolleys that run on rails in the road, but cars and bikes can go over these rails flawlessly. They are an intermingled part of Vienna's public transit system. It is not just Vienna, but cities all across Europe, like Budapest, as well as asian countries have trolleys that run intermingled with automobile and bike traffic. It can be done. I strongly urge an initiative to make Long Island a Vienna or Budapest.


(863 votes)
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(1053 votes)
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1916 votes

Yellow/black stripe reflecting strips on speed signs near schools; flashing solar yellow lights near schools; solar lights in village/towns; more data on solar lighting for homes; grading restaurants as they do in NYC; Purell type dispensers in supermarkets; reenforcement of unobstructive views stop signs; speed traps for motorcyclists on Southern State, LIE, etc.; what paper items can be recycled, cardboard boxes, etc.

Mayday for Mandate Relief

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(1054 votes)
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1945 votes

Should Nassau County recognize and participate in the 2013 "Mayday for Mandate Relief" effort?

Here is a summary of this effort:

Transit Plans

(885 votes)
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(1051 votes)
Vote down!
1936 votes

It doesn't matter what big plans there are as long as we have a largely automobile based society on Long Island. When will a politician stand up and say that the transit system is so out of date and not in line with other places in similar situations and we are going to change this! Every large city has a suburbia and many places have excellent public transportation. We are very spread a part and it is exactly why no matter how fancy and grand the new Nassau Coliseum will be, it will still be a mess of cars and drunk people after every event.

Abuse of taxpayer funds for blatantly political brochure

(993 votes)
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(1071 votes)
Vote down!
2064 votes

Class action suit to prohibit current elected officials to send out 4 page color brochures we pay for touting the amazing job they have done (and not publicized until election is near) to make this practice illegal.

Encourage Artists (studios and galleries) by giving them free or cheap space

(906 votes)
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(1146 votes)
Vote down!
2052 votes

In Brooklyn, the Village, the Lower East Side, etc. First the artists came, then the shops came, then the mad demand for housing came. Long Island can feel like a cultural wasteland. Aside from a few museums (mostly on the North Shore) its really hard to find something interesting to do here.
I suggest the County open some properties up to Artists for studios (open to the public, like at the Museum Of Design), and galleries.
Let us become known for something other than bad government and shopping malls

Call for Volunteers!

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(1164 votes)
Vote down!
2113 votes

All Hands Volunteers has opportunities for volunteers to live on their Superstorm Sandy response site on Long Island.

The organization had over 1,400 volunteers from the New York area work in the field, but now it's opening accommodations for volunteers at its Project Long Island in Long Beach, New York.

On October 29th, 2012, Sandy made landfall in the Northeastern U.S., causing widespread damage from high winds and flooding. Since the week after the storm, All Hands has been on the ground helping hard-hit communities.

Start a Strong 3rd Party in Nassau

(879 votes)
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(1031 votes)
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1910 votes

Democrats and Republicans have each led Nassau and each failed miserably. To move forward Nassau needs viable 3rd party candidates that are focused on the real problems we face. Thumbs up for establishing a strong 3rd party in Nassau.

Correct the buses situation caused by mangano!!!

(847 votes)
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(1019 votes)
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1866 votes

Mangano got rid of the buses supposedly to save money, but at whose expense? The expense of the middle & lower class citizens who require this service to commute to & from work, as well as basic travel around the county! The Nice system revamped supposedly to make the system more efficient!!! But how is taking a 1 hour bus ride & making it a 2 hour ride more efficient! The buses are now worse than ever! Selling the buses was one of the worse decision mangano made during his term! This company knows nothing about Nassau or the needs of its citizens!

We Need to Make Politicians Accountable

Know Your Government

(871 votes)
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(1051 votes)
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1922 votes

Everyone should watch this video :

Inform Your Fellow Citizens When You See an Injustice

(939 votes)
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(1055 votes)
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1994 votes

Government can't cure all problems, but WE THE PEOPLE
can make great strides towards solving our problems by spreading the word when we see an injustice because,

"An informed electorate is the KEY to a Strong Democracy"

The following is an article that shows a Town Board intolerant of dissenting views :

If you win please get rid of Sheriff Sposato the cook aka Crook.

(938 votes)
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(1066 votes)
Vote down!
2004 votes

He is ruining the moral at the jail.. Need him gone ASAP. We keep telling C.E but not sure if he is listening. He was brought out in cuffs from the jail he now runs..please we need him gone.. As far as you owning a food establishments take a tour of the kitchens and the sgts who run them.. You would die... Time to wake this place up.. To much corruption in the kitchens and jail.. As a 20 year republicain I would consider you ad help you get elected if you promises to get this guy out..

Mangano's lie about holding the line on property taxes

(926 votes)
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(1083 votes)
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2009 votes

Mr. Mangano says he held the line on property taxes. Thats actually not true. He simply shifted them from property to school taxes. The sewer tax was never a cost to schools. Now they are. Some schools don't even have sewers but they still must pay which can only be made back by taxes. Also, Nassau always used to make good on tax certiorari appeals. Now he has made school districts responsible for paying back their portion. So it now may not appear as a property tax, it comes across as a school tax. All smoke and mirrors. You should let people know that.

If you could finish the phrase, "I have a dream that today...."

(900 votes)
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(1020 votes)
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1920 votes

How would you finish it?

I would finish, a dream where all in Nassau County could have equal access to a quality education, healthcare, adequate housing and a job.

disaster preparedness

(897 votes)
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(1026 votes)
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1923 votes

after the awful mess the county and towns made of disaster preparedness, i suggest the following:
1- LIPA be FORCED to continue and increase their tree trimming program
2- LIPA be FORCED to TURN OFF POWER in a storm such as this. That way the transformers don't 'blow' and you just turn it back on after the storm and trees are off the wires (the trees which have already been neatly trimmed back)
3- the county have 100 full fuel trucks ready in Eisenhower Park

DiNapoli Should Audit the Entire Town of Hempstead

(826 votes)
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(1036 votes)
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1862 votes

The recently released Audit from the State Comptroller shows there is widespread waste and mismanagement in the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter :

Supervisor Kate Murray has being saying for years that the Town's Shelter is the best run shelter on Long Island. Everyone knew this wasn't true, now residents have official documentation affirming this fact. KATE MURRAY IS A LIAR.

Term Limits

(857 votes)
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(995 votes)
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1852 votes

I would strongly support term limits for all elected government "employees". I would like to see a one (1) 6 year term for President so that he/she doesn't spend his/her last 1 1/2 - 2 years campaigning for re-election (as Obama did) instead of governing. All other politicians should also only be given (1) six year term and no pensions or other fringe benefits for any of them. If they wish to "serve" they would receive a salary only for their 6 year term.


(894 votes)
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(1022 votes)
Vote down!
1916 votes

I do not understand the process of civil service appointments on Long Island it should be like New York City take a test for the job listed and you are on a list instead of what you do for the dominant PARTY

Helping Victims of Hurricane Sandy

(924 votes)
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(1037 votes)
Vote down!
1961 votes

Everyone, please write Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray at and ask her to donate 75% of the General Services Postage budget (of $2.4 million dollars) to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, or JUST FORWARD THIS message to

Kate Murray currently sends out about 25 mailings per year. See for more information about Kate's mailings.

Ask her to give up some of her mailings to help the residents of the Town of Hempstead that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Gasoline shortage

(880 votes)
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(1061 votes)
Vote down!
1941 votes

To ease the long lines for gasoline after hurricane Sandy, Nassau and Suffolk Counties should mandate that you can only buy gasoline in the town you live in. This can be controlled by checking drivers licenses at the gas station. Doing this would shorten gasoline lines and prevent out of state or out of town vehicles from clogging the lines.

Marriage Equality

(848 votes)
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(1019 votes)
Vote down!
1867 votes

Regardless of your political stand, remember how your incumbent state senator voted on marriage equality. I, for one, will not vote for Sen Martins because he voted against the Marriage Equality Act.

Building department of the town of NorthHenpstead

(812 votes)
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(1025 votes)
Vote down!
1837 votes

The buildings department of the town of North HempsteadIs completely disorganized and the simplest requests are often ignored. Processing of applications and issuance of permits entangled in red tape. People come and go and the paper work often does reach a new inspector. I am trying to get a maintain for a screened porch that is part of the house which was built in 1949.The porch has sliders to keep out the rain but because they were not on the original plan Ihave permit fees, architect fees,contractor fees, surveyor fees, electrician fees ,plumber fees and on and on.


(879 votes)
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(1029 votes)
Vote down!
1908 votes



(837 votes)
Vote up!
(975 votes)
Vote down!
1812 votes

One time tax revenue. The MTA tax theoretically is no more. Maybe the county can ask the MTA for the money and use it to pay down debt?

Nassau County FOILED Documents

(791 votes)
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(1082 votes)
Vote down!
1873 votes

Put all information FOILed from Nassau County agencies online.

When it is not practical to put the FOILed data online, put the FOIL request online and indicate the reason why the data cannot be viewed online.

To reduce data entry costs, Nassau County should develop a program that would allow FOILs to be submitted online.

Create Nassau e-Alert similar to Google Keywords

(828 votes)
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(1025 votes)
Vote down!
1853 votes

Nassau should create an e-Alert system where a resident registers a keyword such as "taxes" and any county generated news or press release generates an email or text message containing that keyword to the user. This would help keep the residents informed and lead to better government.

Establish "Community Board" Advisory Groups to Legislature and Towns

(841 votes)
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(1032 votes)
Vote down!
1873 votes

Community Boards would be created so that citizens can serve as advisers to local government on a village, town, and county level. Community Boards could address topics such as taxes, zoning, liquor licensing, police precincts, patronage, etc. These unpaid advisors would encourage civic participation in Nassau politics and government which is severely lacking. NYC Community Boards are effective ways to influence local government, and they are badly needed in Nassau County.


(892 votes)
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(1015 votes)
Vote down!
1907 votes

Zoning as a tool for aiding & directing development has a significant impact. The mere transfer from local authority to Nassau County without adoption of a clear and broadbased land use paln accomplishes nothing more tahn transfer from one bureacracy to another. Adoption of a county wide landuse plan is a mandatory first step in the process.

attitude in the debate

(924 votes)
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(976 votes)
Vote down!
1900 votes

I (we) would like Romney to say what we all are thinking--are you better off now with this man in office--the spending is out of hand-higher tax prices-no drilling for oil--high unemployment-and we are not safe---HE must go.. Romney must talk to us .

safety at intersections

(914 votes)
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(1005 votes)
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1919 votes

i feel BUSY intersections should have a separate walking signal for pedestrians...too many intersections cars must wait for people to cross before turning...I have noticed in other cities where they have enough time for people to cross diagonally which makes alot of sense, vs cross this way then that way. It would be safer too having these only walking areas while cars from all directions wait. Do you agree?
also, i notice more intersections showing the do not walk countdown, that is nice for drivers and people.

security and safety

(811 votes)
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(988 votes)
Vote down!
1799 votes

communities should disclose whether their private security forces are carrying weapons

Congestion in Mineola

(916 votes)
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(1018 votes)
Vote down!
1934 votes

Please Please do something with the traffic on Willis Avenue and Second Street. Mineola is the hub of Long Island and with two LIRR tracks, there are trains constantly going through. There is constant honking on Willis Avenue due to the fact that cars cannot move because the crossing rails are always down! Roslyn Road was fixed - how about Willis Avenue? During rush hour, the traffic is standstill from the train tracks to Jericho Tpke. Cars are always trying to cut through parking lots in order to avoid the traffic - it is very dangerous for pedestrians.

Create a Sense of Community

(825 votes)
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(1027 votes)
Vote down!
1852 votes

Long Island needs more areas that foster a sense of community. There has been a dramatic decrease of young adults as they have left Long Island due to unaffordable housing as well as lack of interesting things to do. We need to take advantage of our large open spaces and do something positive with them. Long Island City has designated a vacant parking lot as a "Food Truck Lot" in which dozens of food trucks rotate every day in the summer. Having a spring/summer food truck lot in Long Island will revitalize often bleak and vacant parking lots and bring people from all communities together.

User Info

(854 votes)
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(1013 votes)
Vote down!
1867 votes

On several forums of which I frequent, the system keeps track of how many posts a person makes and this appears undert he screen name. Further, you can click on the screen name and see all the posts that person has made so you can get a better idea of where this person is coming from. Otherwise you have a forum of people you can't vet out and determine who is real and who is a shill.

If you do this right, the forum becomes a place people turn to during a crisis like a snowstorm or power outage and the site becomes more valuable to individuals causing them to bookmark it.