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Should Nassau County reopen the 6th Precinct?

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Four years ago, when several Nassau police precincts were combined as part of a larger effort to save $20 million annually, the 6th Precinct was merged into the 3rd. Advocates to reopen the 6th Precinct believe that, since the merger, there have not been any savings and the community has not been as safe. Acting Nassau Police Chief Thomas Krumpter purports there have been savings and crime is down. Should Nassau County reopen the 6th Precinct?

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Should the New York State Independence Party lose its line on the ballot?

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Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs has called on all politicians of both parties to reject the Independence Party and not accept its endorsement. When endorsed by the Independence Party, the candidate gets a line on the ballot that could be the difference in an election. A minor party receives a ballot line if its gubernatorial candidate garners at least 50,000 votes. Those who support the Independence Party say it has a legal right to be on the ballot if earned through the electoral process. Those against the Independence Party feel it doesn't support any political activity, and a substantial amount of the funds raised are used to enrich party insiders. Should the New York State Independence Party lose its line on the ballot?


Instead, maybe the

Instead, maybe the Independence Party could be developed into a real 3rd party. There are plenty of people who are socially liberal and fiscally conservative, who don't feel well represented by the Dem's or the Rep's. Having a real 3rd party would give voters a real 3rd choice, and might break up the gridlock in government.



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